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privacy policy

At La Maternelle Family Childcare, we promise to keep your data safe and private and only use your personal information to manage your account and provide tailored care to your child.

Your privacy is protected by law and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which says that we are allowed to use personal information only if we have a proper reason to do so. This includes sharing outside of La Maternelle.

The law says we must have one of more of these reasons:

• To fulfil a contract we have with you, or • When it is our legal duty, or • When it is in our legitimate interest, or • When you consent to it.

A legitimate interest is when we have a business or commercial reason to use your information. But even then, it must not unfairly go against what is right and best for you. If we rely on our legitimate interest, we will tell you what that is.

From time to time, we will need to contact you, via phone, email or the EYMan/Log app to provide you with nursery updates, share important information or send your monthly invoices. The categories of child information that we collect, hold and share include

• Personal information and contacts (such as name, date of birth and address) • Characteristics (such as ethnicity, language, nationality, country of birth) • Attendance information (such as sessions attended, absences and absence reasons) • Assessment information (such as development records, progress reports and observations) • Medical information (such as immunisation records, allergy information or dietaries) • Safeguarding information (such as court orders and professional involvement) • Special educational needs (including the needs and ranking)

The categories of parent or carer information we collect and hold include:

• Personal information (such as name, address and contact details) • Characteristics (such as appearance)

Why we collect and use this information

We use child data:

• to support child learning • to monitor and report on child progress • to provide appropriate care • to assess the quality of our services • to comply with the law regarding data sharing

We use parent or carer data:

• to support a child’s care • to help identify parents when collecting children • for the purposes of maintaining open communication • to assess the quality of our services • to comply with the law regarding data sharing

The lawful basis on which we use this information

We collect and use child information under GDPR Article 6, 1b, 1c and 1f, as well as Article 9, 2a and 2c.

Collecting child information

Whilst the majority of child information you provide to us is mandatory, some of it is provided to us on a voluntary basis. In order to comply with the GDPR, we will inform you whether you are required to provide certain child information to us or if you have a choice in this. Data will be collected via your registration form and parent contract, as well as through a selection of introduction forms when your child begins the nursery. You may also be asked to sign local authority forms, such as funding consent.

Collecting parent or carer information

When registering your child, the majority of the information you provide about yourselves will be mandatory, although we may also ask for some voluntary information to help us care for your child. Data will be collected via your child’s registration form and parent contract, as well as through a selection of introduction forms when your child begins the nursery.

Storing child data

We hold child data for up to seven years from their start date with La Maternelle, or two years from their last day. Data on our forms is collected through Cognito Forms and initially held in a US-based datacentre, before being moved to permanent storage on a secure Microsoft-owned datacentre, hosted in the UK. Data is then removed from Cognito Forms and not stored there longer than is necessary to process the initial data.

Who we share child information with

We routinely share child information with:

• schools or settings that the child attends after leaving us • our local authority • Ofsted • Sharing of child information

We do not share information about our children with anyone without consent unless the law and our policies allow us to do so.

Data collection requirements:

To find out more about the data collection requirements placed on us by the Department for Education, go to

Requesting access to your personal data

Under data protection legislation, parents have the right to request access to information about them that we hold. To make a request for your personal information, or be given access to your child’s educational records, contact your Nursery Manager.

You also have the right to:

• object to processing of personal data that is likely to cause, or is causing, damage or distress • prevent processing for the purpose of direct marketing • object to decisions being taken by automated means • in certain circumstances, have inaccurate personal data rectified, blocked, erased or destroyed; and • claim compensation for damages caused by a breach of the Data Protection regulations

If you have a concern about the way we are collecting or using your personal data, we request that you raise your concern with us in the first instance. Alternatively, you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office at

Right to be forgotten

Under Article 17 of the GDPR individuals have the right to have personal data erased. This is also known as the ‘right to be forgotten’. The right is not absolute and only applies in certain circumstances. Whilst a child or employee still attends La Maternelle, the right may not be exercised, as the personal data is still necessary for the purpose for which we originally collected it for.

Authorised third parties

We use a number of authorised third-parties to provide our services. They are not permitted to use information we share with them for any other purpose.

We use third parties to assist us in processing your personal information, and we require these third parties to comply with our Privacy Policy and any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures.


Your personal data will be input into the EYMan/Log Childcare system, which helps us manage our nurseries. Your data is held in secure data centres.

Notice of Breach of Security

We will notify you if there was a breach of your personal information. If a security breach causes an unauthorised intrusion into our system that materially affects you or your information, then we will notify you as soon as possible and later report the action we took in response.

Safeguarding Your Information

We work hard to keep your information safe and secure. We take reasonable and appropriate measures to protect personal information from loss, misuse, and unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction, taking into account the risks involved in the processing and the nature of the personal information.


This Privacy Policy applies to services provided by La Maternelle This Privacy Policy addresses information we have collected, or will collect, about or from you, according to our terms of entry, via websites located at


We may change this Privacy Policy at any time and from time to time. The most recent version of the Privacy Policy is reflected by the modification date located at the bottom. All updates and amendments are effective immediately upon notice, which we may give by any means, including, but not limited to, by posting a revised version of this Privacy Policy or other notice on the nursery website.

Questions & Concerns

If you have a question or complaint about this Privacy Policy or our information collection practices, please contact us at or write to us at the address listed below. We will investigate the matter and are committed to resolving any privacy concerns that you may have.

CCTV Policy


La Maternelle Day Nursery is securely monitored by a CCTV surveillance system with the aim to provide a safer and more secure environment for the benefit of children, parents, and staff. Images and audio are monitored, recorded, and used in strict accordance with this policy. The Nursery Management team are responsible for the operation of the system and for ensuring compliance with this policy. The nursery manager is the named data Controlling Officer. In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 CCTV digital images that show a recognisable person, are personal data and are covered by the Data Protection Act.

The CCTV System( updated 21/5/2021)

What are the lawful bases for processing this data?

The lawful bases for processing are set out in Article 6 of the UK GDPR. The following bases applies to us implementing this system

(f) Legitimate interests: the processing is necessary for your legitimate interests or the legitimate interests of a third party, unless there is a good reason to protect the individual’s personal data which overrides those legitimate interests. This interest is crime prevention and to maintain good standards across the nursery.

The System comprises of 31 fixed position cameras with audio, a monitor in each office, a digital hard drive recorder and public information signs. Cameras are located at strategic points on the premises:

La Maternelle Nantwich

Main Building

1 x First Entrance 1 x Second Entrance 1 x Manager’s Office 2 x Front Left Room 2 x Front Right Room 2 x Rear Left Room 2 x Rear Right Room 1 x Kitchen off Rear Right Room

Middle Building

1 x Kitchen entrance 1 x Kitchen 2 x Staff/Working/ Resource Room 1 x Main Office

Building to the right

2 x Nursery Classroom (nearest car park) 2 x Nursery Classroom

Outdoor Areas

2 x Outdoor Area to left of the building 3 Outdoor Area to right of main building 1 x Car Park 1 x Front Entrance to Main Building

La Maternelle Sandbach

Main Building

1 x Entrance Hall 2 x Front Left Room 2 x Front Right Room 2 x Rear Room 4 x Extension to left of building 1 x Stairs 1 x Main office 1 x Manager’s office 1 x Staff/Working Room/Resource Room 1 x Kitchen 2 x Upstairs Rear Room

Outdoor Areas

2 x Outdoor Area to rear of the building 2 x Outdoor Area to right of building 2 x Car Park 1 x Front Entrance to building

There are no cameras situated or positioned in view of staff or children’s toilets. Any camera which displays nappy changing facilities within the nursery rooms will have a blocked out black rectangle covering these areas, so they are not visible. There is no audio recording in the staff room or the main office. Audio can also be turned off on any camera if the management feel it is appropriate to do so, for example, if a staff member wanted to discuss a personal matter.

Signs are prominently placed at the entrance and exit points of the site to inform staff, children, parents and visitors that a CCTV installation is in use.

Purpose of the System

The CCTV has been installed to ensure the safety of the children in our care, and helping to ensure the safety of all staff, parents, and visitors.

We will monitor the system to:

• Assist in the overall security/safeguarding of individuals, premises, and equipment. and staff • Act as an effective deterrent against criminal activity such as vandalism • Facilitate the identification of any incident which may necessitate actions being taken including evidence of concerns or allegations. • Increase learning opportunities for staff • Ensure high standards of care are maintained – practice may be monitored during periods of the day however the majority of observations will be carried out by Managers within the rooms, in person.

The management team at La Maternelle recognise that appropriate social interaction is part of nursery life. We encourage staff to be warm, welcoming and to create a good team environment within each room. The management team will not be viewing the footage on a regular basis, however, practice may be monitored at any time.

It is recognised that images are sensitive material and subject to the Data Protection Act 1998; the Nursery Manager is responsible for ensuring day to day compliance with the Act. All recordings will be handled in strict accordance with this policy. Recording Digital recordings are made in real time mode and secured on the system’s hard drive. This hard drive can only be accessed by the Nursery management team. They are recorded on a rolling programme of approximately 21 days and operate 24 hours a day.

The system is accessible on apps and the Data Controlling Officer will ensure the following protocols will be followed:

• Password protected computers • All viewing details will be kept every time pre-recording is accessed for any type of investigation.

Disclosure of recorded material to third parties is limited the following authorities:

• Law enforcement agencies where images recorded would assist in a criminal enquiry and or/the prevention of terrorism and disorder. • Prosecution agencies • People whose images have been recorded and retained unless disclosure to the individual would prejudice criminal enquiries or criminal proceedings. • Emergency services in connection with the investigation of an accident

CCTV recordings will be made available to the police and other relevant authorities without consent of parents if requested as such for child protection reasons.

Anyone who believes that they have been recorded by CCTV can ask to see a copy of the data, subject to guidelines covered by the Data Protection Act. They do not have a right of instant access; a written request must be submitted to the management team for access. The nursery manager if appropriate will then arrange for viewing of the images and subsequent discussion of content. Parents will only be able to view the CCTV footage under special circumstances (and again permission in writing must be sought) this is to protect all other children and staff in the nursery.

The Data Protection Act gives the management team the right to refuse a written request where such access could prejudice a criminal investigation or impede the apprehension or prosecution of offenders. If they decide to refuse the request, all reasons will be fully documented, and the subject will be informed.

Arrangement Procedures

All users of the nursery will be notified of the use of CCTV by appropriate signage throughout the nursery. CCTV will also be used by the nursery management for quality monitoring purposes, staff performances will be monitored as unplanned observation to ensure quality practice in children’s learning and development and for safeguarding purposes. The secure location for viewing live images will be in the nursery offices and remote access will be available to the nursery management. The use of the CCTV system within the nursery takes into account its effect on individuals and their privacy, with regular reviews to ensure its use remains justified. There are effective reviews (annually) and audit mechanisms implemented to ensure legal requirements, policies and standards are complied with in practice.

website privacy policy

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