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There are four steps to completing the registration - they are listed below:

Step 1. The registration form - Your child's details

Step 2. The booking form - Reserving the sessions you need for your child

Step 3. The registration fee - Paying the registration fees via Paypal (you do not need to have a Paypal account, you can use a debit/credit card)

Step 4. The direct debit form - Set up a direct debit for your monthly fees

Below is the first part of the registration process.

If you are registering more than one child, please use a different username for each registration

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Your child's details

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  • Details of parents/parent the child lives with

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    Name of other people with permission to collect your child/children (must be over 16yrs old)

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    • Tapestry Online Learning Journey/Security Password (used in emergency if unknown person collecting, minimum six characters)
      • Additional Person
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      • Relationship to child
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      Child's medical history

      • Doctor's information
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      • Surgery address *
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      • Details of immunisations
      • Are any of the following not up to date?
        Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pre-School booster, Measles, Mumps,
        H.I.B, Meningitis, Whooping Cough, Rubella, Polio
      • Details of any allergies
      • Medical problems
      • Medication requirements
      • Home & culture
      • Dietary requirements
      • What language is spoken at home?
      • What is the main religion of your family?
      • How would you describe your child’s ethnicity?
      • Are there any festivals or special occasions celebrated in your culture?
      • Special care requirements/considerations
      • Detail any Special Educational Needs or disabilities
        (eg speech, behavioural)
      • Any professionals involved with your child
        (e.g: health visitor, speech & language therapist, social care worker)
        Name, Agency and Telephone
      • If a social care worker is involved please detail their role. (If there is a care protection plan make a note here but do not include details)

      Other childcare arrangements

      • Does your child attend any other form of childcare
        (eg nursery, child minder)
      • Name of provider
      • Address
      • Telephone (inc. area code)
      • Attendance (days & hours)


      • A. I give consent for staff to give emergency first aid to my child and the seeking of any emergency medical advice or treatment now and at any time in the future
      • B. I give consent for staff to administer Calpol in cases of high temperature and pain relief
      • C. I give consent for staff to apply/help to apply sun cream to my child when appropriate and if for any reason my child did not have sun cream I give permission for the staff to apply Ambre Solaire or Soltan Once - Boots kids 8 hour play SBP50 sun cream to my child
      • D. I give consent for my child to go on local accompanies walks with our staff. (Details of all other trips involving transport will be sent separately and parental permission sought separately
      • E. I give consent for my child to sleep outside in buggies on occasions under the frequent supervision of our staff
      • F. I give consent for my child being photographed and named for features in the local newspaper, for our website, for display purposes within the setting and being photographed or videoed by fellow parents during whole group occasions such as Christmas performances and sports days
      • G. I give consent for photographs that I approve individually to be taken of my child for the Nursery website and Facebook page
      • H. I give consent for our staff to discuss your child and send information relating to your child’s development to the school they are attending or due to attend.
      • I. I give consent for staff and other agencies such as Area SENCo and Health Visitors to carry out and record observations of my child, for the purpose of developmental assessment.
      • J. I understand that the staff at La Maternelle are trained in Safeguarding and according to Safeguarding regulations will report any signs of abuse to the Designated Safeguarding Lead, who will in turn report any findings to the local authority
      • K. I give consent for the staff to create an online Learning Journey for your child using a piece of software called Tapestry. I agree not to publish any of my child’s observations or photographs on any social media site. I also agree to keep the log in details within my trusted family and accept that my child’s photograph may appear on their friends’ Learning Journey account and I may see pictures of my child’s friends on my child’s personal account.
      • L. I understand that there are photographs of my child in support of their learning and development that will be stored on Tapestry
      • M. I am happy for La Maternelle to contact me via email to invite participation in Learning and Development records
      • N. I give permission for Nursery staff to apply nappy cream
      • O. I give permission for nursery staff to put a hypoallergenic plaster onto a minor wound if necessary to keep a wound clean
      • P. I give permission for the Nursery to act in the best interests of my child in the event of a medical emergency.
      • Q. We would like to send you information about nursery events, government funding, newsletters, important updates and reminders. I confirm I am happy to be contacted about this information via email.
      • R. We would like to contact you about nursery events, government funding, important updates and reminders. I confirm I am happy to be contacted about this information via telephone.

      Terms and anti spam

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